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Dental Care 
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Our family dental practice caters to patients of all ages.

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Missing A Tooth?

Replacing missing teeth with implants brings your mouth back to full function and well-being. Stunning porcelains replicate natural teeth perfectly, whether it’s one or more absent teeth.

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Need A Family Dentist?

A focus on preventive dentistry helps you maintain your oral health while limiting dental expenses. A partnership between you and our team pays dividends, protecting your smile now and well into the future.

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Ready For A Smile Makeover?

Cosmetic dental treatments can
brighten stained or discolored teeth, repair cracks or fractures, fill gaps between teeth, reshape teeth and replace old metallic restorations, such as fillings and crowns.

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Swollen or Bleeding Gums?

Gum disease can be controlled but not cured. Dedicated daily efforts must be consistent to control the disease. We can help you with your treatment plan.

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Grinding Your Teeth?

Oral appliances offer simple, non-invasive care for a variety of sleep conditions. Every appliance we prescribe is custom-crafted for you with excellent fit and function.

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Crooked Teeth?

Orthodontics involves teeth straightening and jaw alignment. It’s never too late to discuss ways to enhance a smile with Orthodontic Treatment!

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We offer in-house dental savings
plans for uninsured patients.

We want to help you receive the dental care you deserve. Your smile is as important to us as it is to you. We will work with you to place the care you need within your budget. We also have referral options to third-party financing vendors. This is a great solution for larger restorative dental cases so you can get the aid you need when you need it.

Inspiring Words From Our Clients

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I recently visited Dr. Dave and can truly say I had a pleasant experience for extensive dental work done. Dr. Dave and all of his staff members were extremely professional and welcoming. Moreover, Dr. Dave was so knowledgeable and took time to answer all my questions. This is definitely going to be my primary dentist.
Michelle B.
Great Staff. Went there because I was having pain in my tooth. They examined it and presented me with all the options. I had a tooth extracted with no pain at all. They are very caring people and I would reccomend them to everyone. I set a follow up appointment for a cleaning.
Joe W.
I have extreme dental anxiety. This was by far the most comfortable I have ever been in a dentist's office. What a wonderful staff and beautiful office! I appreciate the time that was taken to make me feel comfortable and answer all my questions. Dr. Dave is fantastic and I am looking forward to my new smile!! Thank you! I highly recommend!!!
Erin G.
We've loved this dental group for a long time, and the new team has fully modernized the office. Carolyn is wonderful, and Dr. Dave is smart and very skilled. They are at the forefront of the field, but they also have terrific people skills.
Gordon G.
Would highly recommend this group! All you can ask for in a practice. Just had a crown built today. Couldn't be happier. Looking forward to more visits.5 stars!!!!!!!
Erin L.
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