Same-Day Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

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Same-Day Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

Custom dental crowns are one of the most common restorative dentistry options available today. Dental crowns are commonly used to bring decayed, damaged, or cracked teeth back to life. Additionally, crowns help to improve the appearance of discolored or misshapen teeth. They’re also used for implants or serve as an anchor for bridge replacements. Depending on your dentist, you could either have same-day crowns or traditional crowns. In this article, Dr. Dave Moghadam, your favorite dentist in Easton, PA, discusses same-day crowns vs. traditional crowns.

Same-Day Crowns 

At College Hill Dental Group, we offer same-day crowns for our patients. Everything from tooth preparation to final crown placement is completed in a single appointment, with no need for a temporary crown. The same-day crowns are made by the Cad-Cam technology machine right here in our office. Cad-Cam technology and digital scanning create the perfect tooth replacement. This is especially useful for multiple crowns because the computer will assist the dentist in designing everything as perfectly as possible.

Same-Day Crown Placement

Your dentist in Easton, PA, creates a digital 3D image of your tooth and crown with precise measurements using a computer. If that is the best outcome, the shape of your existing tooth or teeth can be precisely replicated. Once the final design is complete, the milling machine carves a replica of the design in order to make a crown in a matter of minutes. These crowns are so precise that they rarely need to be adjusted, says Dr. Josh Eastham, a dentist in Grand Junction.

The Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

  • Excellent outcome. The end result is accurate, long-lasting, and beautiful, life-like.
  • Saves you time. There are no need for additional appointments or temporary crowns needed.
  • Saves money. The overhead costs are consistent, as there is no increase in the lab fee. For the majority of people, less time away from work means more opportunities to earn.
  • It’s comfortable. You avoid gooey, putty-like impression pastes.

The Drawbacks of Same-Day Crowns

Although same-day crowns are convenient, traditional crowns may be a better option in some cases. In more difficult cases, such as a single anterior tooth, custom shading may still require two visits and the assistance of a lab “artist.” For heavy tooth grinders, metal crowns are stronger and more resistant to fracture/wear and tear. They can be made thinner than same-day crowns, though this is changing as technology advances. Furthermore, your dentist will recommend the best option for you. So, contact Dr. Moghadam for a consultation.

When Same-Day Crowns Are the Better Option

So the better option between same-day crowns vs. traditional crowns? Same-day crowns are the better option. 

  • Quickly restores your appearance. Within a few hours, your smile will be restored.
  • It protects against further damage. In the case of traditional crowns, your dentist will create a temporary crown until the permanent crown is ready. Additionally, temporary crowns do not fit well and can easily fall out.
  • It keeps teeth from decaying. Temporary crowns that become dislodged may allow decay to take hold.
  • Back to normal. Teeth in a new or different position can affect your speech, smile, and eating habits.

Same-day crowns are an amazing option for restoring your smile. Your dentist will advise you on the best type of crown for your specific situation. Same-day crowns are increasingly becoming the best crown. Contact College Hill Dental Group for a dental crown consultation today.

Why Dental Technology Matters Today

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Why Dental Technology Matters Today

Dental technology can be helpful to your oral health. You may be wondering if it’s significant enough to switch from your general dentist to a new modern dentist. Below, our dentists in Easton, PA, explain why dental technology matters today. Dental technology advancements favor both dentists and patients.

How Patients & Doctors Benefit From Dental Technology

Many oral health conditions can now be detected early and treated more quickly, thanks to advancements in dental technology. Oral health options are more exciting than they have ever been. Dentists benefit from dental technology because it allows them to treat oral health issues in half the time it used to take. Patients benefit from dental technology because procedures can be completed more quickly, are less painful, and there are more treatment options available. Here are a few examples of dental technology advancements that are used on a daily basis.

Conebeam CT

The ConeBeam CT imaging system is a digital x-ray scanner that rotates once around your head as you stand or sit. The procedure is short, easy, and painless. The resulting scans are as accurate as traditional CT (CAT) scans but use much less radiation. The possibilities in dentistry are endless, says Dr. Dave. These scans are used to provide the right care for dental implants, root canals, and the diagnosis of dental and facial pain. No matter what your treatment is, we can plan and customize it like never before. This type of 3D technology analyzes every issue.


Thanks to the CAD/CAM, our emergency dentists can repair a single tooth the same day. Yes, that’s right! College Hill Dental Group is proud to offer same-day dental crowns to patients in Easton, PA. Following gentle tooth shaping, precise digital images taken by a robot provide us with the data we need to design your new restoration. There is no need for gooey impression fabrics. Within minutes, powerful software combined with our advanced training results in a crown milled from the finest porcelain available. Our dentists will match your new tooth with your existing teeth, giving you a cohesive smile. 

3D Printing

Digital technology is continuing to transform dentistry, and we are excited to share the benefits with you. Easy scans of your teeth are transformed into beautiful porcelain crowns and bridges using advanced software. 3D printing technology offers a remarkable range of oral health solutions. The majority of the restorations and equipment used to repair and secure your mouth are highly customized. Traditionally, these items require hours of hand labor in a dental laboratory.

With the advancement of technology in dentistry, 3D printing is becoming increasingly important, providing unrivaled benefits to you. Furthermore, we can build templates for crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays, and bridges with absolute accuracy using computer-aided design and scanned three-dimensional versions of your teeth. This technology can also be used to create surgical guides for simple, precise implant placement. This technology also helps with dentures, mouthguards, and other types of orthodontic care. All of these intricate processes can now be more precisely monitored than ever before, thanks to sophisticated software. The geometrical design data is sent to our 3D printer once the three-dimensional designs are completed.

Intraoral Cameras

This advanced dental technology is cutting-edge technology that helps our staff to photograph our patients’ teeth and gums. We involve our patients in the process by displaying their problem areas to them. Patients can clearly see their oral problems with the intraoral camera’s 20x magnification function, which allows them to see the smallest information. Our friends at Digital Doc, the makers of the #1 best-selling intraoral camera, states that doctors who invest in quality dental cameras will provide better diagnoses. Therefore, patients can receive the best treatment possible. 

 Find a Modern Dentist Near Me

As you can see, there are many reasons why dental technology matters today. Additionally, both patients and doctors can benefit from using these tools, whether it’s restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or emergency dental care.

So, if you’re searching for a modern family dentist in Easton, PAcontact College Hill Dental Group! We offer patients all the dental technology above and are happily welcoming new patients. 

Advantages of Same-Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns - College Hill Dental Group

Advantages of Same-Day Crowns in Easton, PA

Cracked or broken teeth are among the most common dental emergencies that our team sees on a regular basis. Whether it is due to normal wear and tear, traumatic injuries, decay. Either way, the enamel on your teeth can be compromised. Damage like this exposes the delicate tissues inside your tooth to risks of infection. Getting same-day dental crowns at College Hill Dental Group in Easton, PA, can treat the problem. Here Dr. David Moghadam, a dentist in Easton, PA, shares the benefits of same-day crowns.

You Spend Less Time at the Dental Office

At College Hill Dental Group, we pride ourselves on having an office environment that makes our patients comfortable. We recognize how valuable your time and money is, which is why we’re consistently upgrading our dental technology. Our friends at Digital Doc say that using intraoral cameras helps dentists give the best treatment possible.

We understand how stressful dental emergencies can be, which is why we offer our patients same-day crowns. Not only are you saving time, but the sooner the treatment starts, the sooner you’ll be out of pain.

You Don’t Have to Deal With Temporary Crowns

A temporary crown is normally placed on a tooth while the traditional crown is fabricated by an external lab. Because the temp crown is intended to last a short time, minimal effort is invested in making this restoration look appealing or fit well. Additionally, your tooth will be strong enough to stand up to the normal stresses of using your teeth to bite and chew. With same-day crowns fitted by your dentist in Easton, PA, you won’t have to worry about the hassle. 

More of Your Existing Tooth is Preserved

The extensive tooth preparation for traditional crowns involves drilling and shaving off material from your damaged tooth to create space for the crown. As you may know, once enamel is lost, it cannot be restored. So, preparation leaves your natural tooth weaker than when you went to the dental office.

In contrast, same-day crowns don’t require elaborate tooth preparation since the crown is designed to fit your tooth’s specific dimensions. Consequently, the prep done is minimal, and most of your natural tooth is preserved.

Greater Comfort with Same-Day Crowns

Ask any dentist in Easton, PA, and they will tell you that it is difficult for you to be totally comfortable with traditional crowns after they are fitted. This is because they rarely align perfectly with the natural tooth, among other reasons.

With same-day crowns, however, you get a better fit because the crown is made by the digital impression of your tooth. Dr. O’Grady, a Denver Highlands dentist, agrees that patients are much more comfortable with the same day crowns placed because the crowns are a perfect fit.

If you need a crown to fix a damaged tooth, same-day crowns are viable options. Contact College Hill Dental Group, and our experienced staff will be more than happy to help.