Same-Day Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

Custom dental crowns are one of the most common restorative dentistry options available today. Dental crowns are commonly used to bring decayed, damaged, or cracked teeth back to life. Additionally, crowns help to improve the appearance of discolored or misshapen teeth. They’re also used for implants or serve as an anchor for bridge replacements. Depending on your dentist, you could either have same-day crowns or traditional crowns. In this article, Dr. Dave Moghadam, your favorite dentist in Easton, PA, discusses same-day crowns vs. traditional crowns.

Same-Day Crowns 

At College Hill Dental Group, we offer same-day crowns for our patients. Everything from tooth preparation to final crown placement is completed in a single appointment, with no need for a temporary crown. The same-day crowns are made by the Cad-Cam technology machine right here in our office. Cad-Cam technology and digital scanning create the perfect tooth replacement. This is especially useful for multiple crowns because the computer will assist the dentist in designing everything as perfectly as possible.

Same-Day Crown Placement

Your dentist in Easton, PA, creates a digital 3D image of your tooth and crown with precise measurements using a computer. If that is the best outcome, the shape of your existing tooth or teeth can be precisely replicated. Once the final design is complete, the milling machine carves a replica of the design in order to make a crown in a matter of minutes. These crowns are so precise that they rarely need to be adjusted, says Dr. Josh Eastham, a dentist in Grand Junction.

The Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

  • Excellent outcome. The end result is accurate, long-lasting, and beautiful, life-like.
  • Saves you time. There are no need for additional appointments or temporary crowns needed.
  • Saves money. The overhead costs are consistent, as there is no increase in the lab fee. For the majority of people, less time away from work means more opportunities to earn.
  • It’s comfortable. You avoid gooey, putty-like impression pastes.

The Drawbacks of Same-Day Crowns

Although same-day crowns are convenient, traditional crowns may be a better option in some cases. In more difficult cases, such as a single anterior tooth, custom shading may still require two visits and the assistance of a lab “artist.” For heavy tooth grinders, metal crowns are stronger and more resistant to fracture/wear and tear. They can be made thinner than same-day crowns, though this is changing as technology advances. Furthermore, your dentist will recommend the best option for you. So, contact Dr. Moghadam for a consultation.

When Same-Day Crowns Are the Better Option

So the better option between same-day crowns vs. traditional crowns? Same-day crowns are the better option. 

  • Quickly restores your appearance. Within a few hours, your smile will be restored.
  • It protects against further damage. In the case of traditional crowns, your dentist will create a temporary crown until the permanent crown is ready. Additionally, temporary crowns do not fit well and can easily fall out.
  • It keeps teeth from decaying. Temporary crowns that become dislodged may allow decay to take hold.
  • Back to normal. Teeth in a new or different position can affect your speech, smile, and eating habits.

Same-day crowns are an amazing option for restoring your smile. Your dentist will advise you on the best type of crown for your specific situation. Same-day crowns are increasingly becoming the best crown. Contact College Hill Dental Group for a dental crown consultation today.