Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Unseen tooth pain can often mean an impacted tooth. This is common from pre-teen through adulthood.

Reconstructive oral surgery

A damaged tooth may need removal if it's beyond repair. Minor surgical procedures involving teeth, gums and jaw bone may be needed to preserve or enhance long-term health. 

Dental Implant Surgery

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant is a great long term solution. This oral surgery procedure is carefully planned and executed.

Tooth Extraction

Despite the best intentions, teeth sometimes need to be removed. Regardless of the situation, this minor surgical procedure can be brought together in a way that considers your short and long-term concerns. From anxiety control to planning for tooth replacement, we’ll factor in every aspect of your case.

Bone Graft Procedures

The bone around your teeth is highly specialized and doesn’t regenerate when it’s lost. Your teeth rely on this bony foundation to remain stable and functional, and even small defects can compromise your ability to maintain a tooth. Sometimes we can repair these defects by adding bone grafting materials.

Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth with implants brings your mouth back to full function and well-being. Stunning porcelains replicate natural teeth perfectly, whether it’s one or more absent teeth. Single crowns or complex bridges can be supported by implants, with solutions for every scenario.

Inspiring Words From Our Clients

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Great Staff. Went there because I was having pain in my tooth. They examined it and presented me with all the options. I had a tooth extracted with no pain at all. They are very caring people and I would reccomend them to everyone. I set a follow up appointment for a cleaning.
Joe W.
Very knowledgeable, staff is always super friendly! They just removed my husband’s wisdom teeth, and the follow up care was amazing!
Toni D.
I had a problem with my wisdom tooth growing in and Dr. Moghadam was able cut the inflamed gum and sew it up in one visit. This saved me time which was great! The the entire staff is caring and beyond helpful! This is now my go to for all tooth emergencies.
Lucy R.
I just switched to this new dentist, and I am so so pleased! I had a check up/filling done and have never felt more at ease. I have had many bad experiences at former dentists, but the vibe of this staff and Dr. Dave was very reassuring and professional. Didn't even feel the novacaine go in! Very efficient and thorough. Highly recommend!!
Kai E.
Staff was very friendly and helpful every step of the way. My teeth were thoroughly cleaned and evaluated (more so than any other place I'd been to)! Dr. Dave was extremely professional and answered all of my questions. They made going to the dentist a painless experience. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Marie B.


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