Why Dental Technology Matters Today

why dental technology matters Easton PA

Why Dental Technology Matters Today

Dental technology can be helpful to your oral health. You may be wondering if it’s significant enough to switch from your general dentist to a new modern dentist. Below, our dentists in Easton, PA, explain why dental technology matters today. Dental technology advancements favor both dentists and patients.

How Patients & Doctors Benefit From Dental Technology

Many oral health conditions can now be detected early and treated more quickly, thanks to advancements in dental technology. Oral health options are more exciting than they have ever been. Dentists benefit from dental technology because it allows them to treat oral health issues in half the time it used to take. Patients benefit from dental technology because procedures can be completed more quickly, are less painful, and there are more treatment options available. Here are a few examples of dental technology advancements that are used on a daily basis.

Conebeam CT

The ConeBeam CT imaging system is a digital x-ray scanner that rotates once around your head as you stand or sit. The procedure is short, easy, and painless. The resulting scans are as accurate as traditional CT (CAT) scans but use much less radiation. The possibilities in dentistry are endless, says Dr. Dave. These scans are used to provide the right care for dental implants, root canals, and the diagnosis of dental and facial pain. No matter what your treatment is, we can plan and customize it like never before. This type of 3D technology analyzes every issue.


Thanks to the CAD/CAM, our emergency dentists can repair a single tooth the same day. Yes, that’s right! College Hill Dental Group is proud to offer same-day dental crowns to patients in Easton, PA. Following gentle tooth shaping, precise digital images taken by a robot provide us with the data we need to design your new restoration. There is no need for gooey impression fabrics. Within minutes, powerful software combined with our advanced training results in a crown milled from the finest porcelain available. Our dentists will match your new tooth with your existing teeth, giving you a cohesive smile. 

3D Printing

Digital technology is continuing to transform dentistry, and we are excited to share the benefits with you. Easy scans of your teeth are transformed into beautiful porcelain crowns and bridges using advanced software. 3D printing technology offers a remarkable range of oral health solutions. The majority of the restorations and equipment used to repair and secure your mouth are highly customized. Traditionally, these items require hours of hand labor in a dental laboratory.

With the advancement of technology in dentistry, 3D printing is becoming increasingly important, providing unrivaled benefits to you. Furthermore, we can build templates for crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays, and bridges with absolute accuracy using computer-aided design and scanned three-dimensional versions of your teeth. This technology can also be used to create surgical guides for simple, precise implant placement. This technology also helps with dentures, mouthguards, and other types of orthodontic care. All of these intricate processes can now be more precisely monitored than ever before, thanks to sophisticated software. The geometrical design data is sent to our 3D printer once the three-dimensional designs are completed.

Intraoral Cameras

This advanced dental technology is cutting-edge technology that helps our staff to photograph our patients’ teeth and gums. We involve our patients in the process by displaying their problem areas to them. Patients can clearly see their oral problems with the intraoral camera’s 20x magnification function, which allows them to see the smallest information. Our friends at Digital Doc, the makers of the #1 best-selling intraoral camera, states that doctors who invest in quality dental cameras will provide better diagnoses. Therefore, patients can receive the best treatment possible. 

 Find a Modern Dentist Near Me

As you can see, there are many reasons why dental technology matters today. Additionally, both patients and doctors can benefit from using these tools, whether it’s restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or emergency dental care.

So, if you’re searching for a modern family dentist in Easton, PAcontact College Hill Dental Group! We offer patients all the dental technology above and are happily welcoming new patients. 

Why Choose a Modern Dental Office?

Why Choose a Modern Dental Office in Easton - College Hill Dental Group

Why Choose a Modern Dental Office?

Since it was first practiced years and years ago, dentistry has grown and evolved tremendously. Dentists can do a lot more than they used to, which is why so many patients prefer a modern dental office. Though teeth are designed to last all your life, they are still susceptible to damage.

At College Hill Dental Group, we are committed to providing preventive and restorative dental care. Most Easton, PA dentists agree that prevention is better than cure. However, if your smile isn’t at 100%, we will do our best to restore its functional and aesthetic roles. Living in an age of advanced dental technology, a modern dental office can provide better treatments for more patients. 

Modern family dentistry in Easton, PA, makes preventive measures a lot more effective, increasing the chances of catching issues in their infancy and fixing them. Restorative and replacement treatments will also be as effective, with higher chances of long term success. So what exactly does modern family dentistry at College Hill Dental Group have to offer?

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are the go-to whenever a medical professional needs to examine what’s inside of your body. In this case, an emergency dentist in Easton, PA, will use low levels of radiation to capture images of the inside of your teeth and gums. This allows them to spot dental issues like cavities, impacted teeth, and tooth decay,

While traditional x-rays use very low levels of radiation and are relatively safe, Digital Doc says that portable digital x-rays devices use 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays. Digital x-rays also produce larger and sharper images, allowing the dentist to make a more accurate diagnosis and prescribe a more effective treatment.

Intraoral Cameras

Another advanced tool cosmetic dentists in Easton, PA use to examine your mouth is the intraoral cameras. It is often difficult for the dentist to get a clear view of your mouth. It’s also even more difficult for the dentist to show you what they see. Without this technology, it makes it difficult for the dentist to make an accurate diagnosis of the state of your teeth, especially if the damage is still minimal.

An intraoral camera is essentially a tiny camera attached to the end of a small wand. It transmits images to a computer in real-time. Intraoral cameras allow the dentist to see every aspect of your teeth and gums in clear, precise detail, a feat standard mirror examinations cannot achieve. The intraoral camera also allows you to see the state of your teeth up close and personal. This may help increase your commitment to your oral care routines, and your dental appointments will be more effective overall.

Additionally, the camera allows Dr. David Moghadam to document the entire procedure. With almost unlimited storage, they can upload photos to the computer and print a hard copy for your insurance company’s records or procedure verification.

3D Printing

Thanks to 3D printing technology, dentists are able to provide patients with the best dental services available. At College Hill Dental Group, we use advanced dental technology that transforms simple scans of your teeth into stunning porcelain crowns and bridges. 

Patients are blown away by how fast they receive their restorations and appliances. That’s right, you no longer have to wait weeks on end to get your restorations back from the dental laboratory. The 3D printing technology creates three-dimensional versions of your teeth. This allows us to create custom crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays, and bridges. Learn all the benefits of 3D printing today by contacting College Hill Dental Group.

Same-Day CAD/CAM Crowns

Gone are the days we take gooey impressions of your teeth. Our CAD/CAM technology allows us to detailed digital images of your teeth. With this, we can provide patients with same-day crowns in Easton, PA. Whether you need a single tooth or multiple tooth repair, College Hill Dental Group can help.

The powerful software, coupled with our advanced training, leads to a crown milled from the finest porcelain available, just in minutes. Your new crown will then be firmly put into place all within one appointment. 

With the help of modern dental technology, College Hill Dental Group has been practicing accurate and effective preventive and restorative dental care for years. Are you looking for a modern dental office in Easton, PA? Contact us today for a consultation.