5 Kinds of Dental Emergencies

When you inadvertently cut your finger while chopping veggies for supper, you know it’s time to head to the ER. But what would happen if you bite onto something and chip a tooth? Many individuals would still seek care in an emergency department. However, according to a recent American Dental Association paper, many forms of dental crises can redirect from the emergency department to the dentist’s office in Easton PA.

While redirecting dental crises to an emergency dental office may seem ideal, the issue immediately arises. “what is a dental emergency needing a dentist versus what sorts of emergencies necessitate an emergency hospital visit?” To help you in making this decision, here are five typical dental emergencies that need a visit to an emergency dentist:


Various dental issues may cause toothache, and the source should be targeted so that your dentist can treat it. Infections and anything that can wedge between two teeth are the two typical causes of a toothache. When tooth pain happens abruptly, worsens gradually, or is severe, it is critical to consult an emergency dentist in Easton PA. A cold compress may help relieve some of the pain in the interim.

Cracks or chips

Chips and cracks in the teeth may occur due to utilizing teeth for purposes other than biting and chewing, biting down on hard objects, or as a result of an accident. In addition, people who grind or clench their teeth are more prone to chipping or breaking their teeth. If you have a chipped or broken tooth, you should see an emergency dentist. Any tooth pieces we should wash and place in a glass of milk or water. Then brought to your emergency dental appointment in Easton PA.

Teeth That Are Loose or Have Been Knocked Out

Any injury to the face that causes teeth to become loose or fall out requires prompt emergency dental treatment. Our friends over at OG Dental, a dentist in Denver CO talk about how if a tooth comes loose, it is critical to retain it in its socket to avoid slipping out. This is done by gently chewing down the tooth to keep it in place. If a tooth is knocked out, it is critical to attempt to find the missing tooth. If the lost tooth is discovered, it should only be touched and cleaned by the crown. You may save a lost tooth by performing two things: first, put it back in the socket and bite down like you would a loose tooth. Second, much like tooth pieces from a chipped tooth, you may preserve it in a glass of milk or water.

Damage to Soft Tissue

Soft tissues in the mouth include the gums, lips, inner cheek, and tongue. If one of these structures is destroyed, you should call your Easton PA emergency dentist right once for guidance on where to go. Some situations may need the services of your emergency dentist, while others may necessitate a trip to the emergency hospital. Soft tissue injuries, such as punctures, lacerations, and tears, should be cleaned with warm water before applying pressure to stop the bleeding.

Loose or Missing Dental Restoration

Both permanent and temporary restorations may become loose or fall out, however, temporary restorations are significantly more prone to do so. They both need emergency dental treatment, regardless of the process of repair. You will have to bring in the restoration for a lasting repair. You may be able to maintain a temporary repair in place using Vaseline, chapstick, or denture glue until you visit your dentist.

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Toothaches, chipped, broken, loose, or missing teeth, soft tissue injuries, and missing dental restorations are all considered dental emergencies. If you or a family member suffers from one of these dental emergencies, make an appointment with an emergency dentist right once. While most medical crises need a trip to the emergency room, most emergency departments will simply send dental emergencies to an emergency dentist. As a result, to save time and avoid unnecessary agony, go directly to your nearest emergency dental practice. Contact College Hill Dental group today for an appointment.