3D Printer

Digital technology continues to revolutionize dentistry, and we’re pleased to offer the benefits to you. Advanced software transforms simple scans of your teeth into stunning porcelain crowns and bridges. 3D printing technology delivers a remarkable number of solutions for your oral health.

Most of the restorations and appliances used to restore and protect your mouth involve extremely high levels of customization.  Traditionally, hours of hand labor in a dental laboratory are invested in these products.  With the adoption of more technology into dentistry, 3D Printing continues to grow in importance with unsurpassed benefits to you.

Using computer-aided design with scanned three-dimensional versions of your teeth, we can create models for services such as crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays and bridges with absolute precision. We can also use this technology to create surgical guides for quick, highly precise implant placements. Even dentures, mouthguards, and some forms of orthodontic treatment are aided by this technology. Sophisticated software allows all these highly detailed procedures to become more controlled than ever before. Once the three-dimensional designs are complete the geometrical design data is sent to our 3D printer. This digital manufacturing process offers many enhancements for you, including:

  • Reduced fees

  • Less visits and waiting

  • Exceptional fit and function

  • Durable, long-lasting service